Kamis, 05 Maret 2015

Wisata Pesona Gunung Ciremai dari Desa Lingga Indah

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  1. Assalam-o-Alykum, my name is Muhammad Qasim I am from Pakistan. Sorry my English is not good.

    Its happened with me, from last 26+ years Allah and Muhammad s.a.w keep coming into my dreams, over 460+ times Allah comes in my dreams and 250+ times Mohammad s.a.w comes in my dreams, when I was about 12 years old I saw first time Allah and Mohammad s.a.w both in dream, after that in 93 when I was 17 years old Allah and Mohammad s.a.w starts coming continuously in my dreams and still Allah and Muhammad s.a.w coming into my dreams.

    Muhammad s.a.w is the last Messenger of Allah and its my Imaan Mohammad s.a.w is the last Prophet of Allah and I am the Ummati of Muhammad s.a.w

    In 2007 Allah and Mohammad s.a.w starts teaching me in dreams what u have to do and what u have not to do, Mostly Allah and Muhammad s.a.w told me to avoid from all type of form of shirk and in april-2014 Allah and Mohammad s.a.w start to telling me in dreams qasim share your dreams to everyone than I started to share my dreams to my family members, friends and some other people, I also share my dreams through email to Pak Army official sites, Pak Govt sites.

    Dec-2014 Mohammad s.a.w comes twice time in dream in a night and told me "qasim you should have to share ur dreams to everyone to save Pakistan to save Islam" I got confused I talked my self I share my dreams to many people and they are not believing on it what should I do more? and then Peshawar school got attacked and then I think and decided to share my dreams on Internet forums, but still people not believing on me and my dreams.

    In 1994 Allah talked to me in dream from the sky I still remember those words I try to translate it in English "qasim which promises I make with you one day I will full fill my promises and if I cant full fill my promises I will not the Lord of the whole universe"

    From that day I start waiting for the Allah and I didnot lose my hope but whenever I about to lose my hope Allah or Mohammad s.a.w comes into my dreams and told me like that "Sabbrun Jameel qasim" , "qasim only Non-Muslim loses their hope" , "qasim Muslim cant be lose his hope".

    In many dreams Allah told me qasim go and turns the world into light as the world in the darkness.

    Many dreams related to my personal life many dreams related to Pakistan/Muslim world and the whole world but its start from Pakistan and many dreams related to Qiammah(the judgment day).

    Allah and Muhammad s.a.w told me many times in dreams qasim one day you will get out the Whole Muslim Ummah from the darkness and then even the whole world and one day the whole world will become peaceful. but its starts from Pakistan.

    In few dreams i saw when whole world will become peaceful a man coming from somewhere else and try to destroy the world peace.

    In few dreams I saw Esa A.S(Jesus a.s) coming from the sky and Yajooj Majooj (gog magog) come out and spread the whole world and I with very few people join the Esa A.S(Jesus a.s) and then we live with Esa A.S .....

    In Feb 2015 Allah told me in dream qasim u will be the last Ummati of Muhammad s.a.w who will die on this earth. means after my death there will b no Muslim left on the earth but only bad people, and Qiyamah will establish on them.

    In another dream Allah told me qasim I(Allah) will full fill my all promises within next 13 years which I (Allah) makes with you.

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  2. Kok cuma judul doang Mas...?
    Mana isinya?
    Apa hp saya yang gak bisa ngebuka postingannya...?

  3. @ tinjakstar : ada isinya mas sudah di upload file videonya..kalau di browser operamini bisa keliatan he he he